5 1/2" x 1 1/2"


Pair of Ornate French Applique's


My applique's are beautiful! The Painted Shabby Rose Originals. Previous Shabby Rose Decor.

They are made out of High Quality durable material. Every Appliqué is hand-made, hand cleaned and edged prior to delivery to you. Our Appliqués are not brittle and will not break if dropped. The back of the Appliqués are flat so they can be easily glued onto many type of surfaces, including wood. You may use wood glue (such as Liquid Nails or Carpenters Glue). Our Applique's are the identical ones that I use on our Furniture!



These Appliqués come in white and unpainted as shown and they can be painted to your liking to go with your Shabby Chic French Décor. Our Applique's are perfect to accent dressers, baby cribs, tables, cabinets, beds, mirrors, picture frames, doors and nightstands, the ideas are endless! I have been making these since 2008!

Pair of Ornate French Applique's

SKU: 39-0708
  • Applique's Mounting Instructions

    Mounting the Applique's is very simple. Just glue the Applique's to a flat surface and tape or clamp it in place until dry. Your Applique's are flexible if desired for surface that have curves. Just slightly bend the Applique and mount to your surface and clamp into place. Allow your Applique's to completely dry and you are now ready to prime and paint! Now it is a one-of-a-kind!

  • Terms

    My Applique's come from a Smoke Free Environment. All appliques are sanded and inspected before delivery. They are handmade by myself since 2008. Previously Shabby Rose Decor.

    All sales are final. Appliques are delivered from the United States.

    Patent Pending.

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